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Van Alderwerelt Genealogy

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The genealogy of the van Till family is included here as my mother was Henriette Cornelia barones van Till, see XIVd.2 in the van Till genealogy and XIe in the van Alderwerelt genealogy. This genealogy is a combination of the information shown in the 1952, 1959 and 1987 editions of Nederland’s’ Adelsboek, published by Centraal Bureau voor Genealogy, The Hague, Netherlands. It is therefore in Dutch.

Pedigree Charts of Henriette Cornelia barones van Till (1897 - 1986), Willem Ernst baron van Till (1772 - 1860) and Gijsbert van Till (1625 - shortly after 1700) are from Kwartierstatenboek 1983.

For very extensive information about the de Roo family, I highly recommend the website of Bram de Roo at http://home.kpn.nl/ARoo1934/genealogievincentderoo.htm

The history and genealogy of the Melita branch of the Davis family was researched and written by me. Amy Grace Davis, see V.2, was the mother of my late wife Beverly Grace de Roo van Alderwerelt, nee Dobbyn.

The Diemont genealogy is from Nederland’s Patriciaat 1956. My paternal grandmother was Margaretha Sophia Diemont (1867 - 1952) see VIIc.4 in the genealogy.

The Heldewier genealogy is from Nederland’s Patriciaat 1910. My paternal great grandmother was Constancia Jacoba Heldewier (1833 - 1902). The Pedigree charts of her paternal grandfathers, Daniel Michiel Gijsbert Heldewier (1753 - 1822) and Hugo Ocker van Kerchem (1753 - 1802) are from Kwartierstatenboek 1983.

Pedigree Chart of Sara Harpentina Gasparsdr van Kinschot (1705 - 1753) is from Kwartierstatenboek 1983. She married Joan Carel de Roo and they were the parents of Alida Anna de Roo who married Joan Carel van Alderwerelt.